Frequently asked questions

What is the date of the pageant?

Saturday 4th December 2021

When do applications close?

Applications must be received on Friday 12th November 2021.

When will I know if my application has been successful?

All applicants will be notified via email on the week commencing 15th November 2021.

I have applied/participated in a previous pageant, do I need to resubmit an application?

Yes, you will need to re-apply each year.

I am not a dancer, can I still apply?

Yes, we would love to hear from you; however you will need to provide detailed information on how your group proposes to entertain the audience.

I would like to provide my own music/ portable PA system. Is this possible?

Unfortunately not. This is to ensure no breaches of copyright.

Can I email my form?

If you have any problems with submitting your form, please visit the contact us page or email christmaspageant@wanews.com.au

Where will the 2021 Alinta Energy Christmas Pageant be held?

This year the Alinta Energy Christmas Pageant will go back to its traditional route down St Georges Terrace!

Can animals be in the pageant?

Unfortunately the use of animals in the 2021 Alinta Energy Christmas Pageant is prohibited.

What is the minimum number of people needed in a group to be in the pageant?

20 participants minimum for all groups participating.

What is the youngest age a participant can be in the pageant?

We recommend that individuals younger than 6 years old don’t participate but as long as all participants are able to walk the pageant route it is at the discretion of the pageant group leader.

Can we wear our own branded uniforms in the pageant?

No branded uniforms are permitted in the Alinta Energy Christmas Pageant.