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It’s been more than 110 years since a small group of motoring enthusiasts gathered at the Peppermint Grove residence of German-born Richard Strelitz to form the Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia.


RAC’s founding members were motivated by far more than the need for a social club, they saw the need to champion and protect the interests of car owners. Venturing into often harsh landscape, early RAC members surveyed remote roadways to produce detailed maps and road signs for our vast State.


RAC has evolved into one of the most trusted and recognised brands in Western Australia, with more than one million members spread across 60 percent of households in Perth and regional WA.


As a membership organisation, RAC doesn’t have shareholders, allowing its profits to be reinvested to benefit its members and the community, including through sponsorship of the RAC Christmas Pageant, one of WA’s most unique and cherished events for more than two decades.